Prohibition :
1. Don't spit at people.
2. Don't came late
3. Don't do homework at school.
4. Don't kill people.
5. Don't steal anything.
6. Don't be noisy when study
7. Don't use drugs.
8. don't do silly things
9. Don't bring bomb(s)
10. Don't Fighting.
11. Don't mock your friend
12. Don't play games when study
13. Don't put your feet above the table
14. Mustn't litter
kata "Don't" diganti jadi "Mustn't"
Sisanya nanti lagi yaa.
Sorry kalau salah

16. Mustn't ruin anything
17. Mustn't bring dangerous things
18. Mustn't cheating
19. Mustn't play with fire
the last one, 20. Mustn't bring your family when study