Mohon bantuannya :) .What he/she should do and shouldn't do in these situation. Give two suggestions for each situation. (1) I want to get a good job. (2) I want to have a laptop. (3) I want to hold a surprise party for my mother's birthday.



1. If you want to get yourself a job, try and ask everybody around and see if you could do something. Or, find a newspaper filled with loads of job vacancy:)

2. If you want to have a laptop, you should save a lot of your money.

3. If you want to throw a surprise party for your mother, you should maybe act a little bad {lazy}, before night, get a birthday cake for your mom. When the night comes, turn off all lights, and start singing a happy birthday song for your mom:)

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Oh, okeh. Thank you kaka :)
Sama samaa:) Jadikan yang terbaik yaa:3 :D