Tolong dong buat dialog bahasa inggris yg panjang dialog nya 2 orang tentang penawaran rumah dengan berbagai macam type rumah beserta harga nya lalu saat sudah di ada komplain dari pembelinya tentang rusaknya fasilitas kamar mandi. yg bisa bantu banyak terimakasi ya



Jack:"Can i put the brochure?'
SPG:"Sure, here"
Jack;''i want to buy some house here.Can you tell me about this housing?
SPG:"It's my pleasure sir. There are some type on Graya Padma you can select the    house type.''
SPG:''First,we have hose with type 361low.The facilities is, 1 bathroom,2bedroom,1livingroom.The price is Rp 200.000.000 and  no discount
Jack:''it's expensive! Can you tell me more?''
SPG:''Sure,the second is home with type 500 high there are  2bathroom,3bedroom,kitchen,livingroom,terrace, the price is Rp 500.000.000.''
Jack:''That there is an attic?
SPG:''Of course''
Jack:" You just have 2 type?''
SPG:'' No,the third is house with type 600LH the facilities is , 3 bathroom for each bedroom,attic,livingroom,kitchen,terrace abd more facilities the price is Rp 700.000.000 with discount as much as 50%''
Jack:''Well,i want see that house''
SPG:''Sure, well follow me."
Jack:"the house is great but the bathroom.. i hate it
SPG:"See!The bathroom wall was already fragile,the floor is damaged!
SPG:"Sorry sir,this host just build so it has not been in a bathroom remodel.''
Jack:"well,well i want buy tis house but not this house i mean in another place''
SPG:''Sure, sorry for the bathroom"
Jack:"Don't mention it''

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E as Employee
C as Customer

E : Hello, with  Orchid Water Park Residence, how may I help you?
C : Yes, I'd like to ask you about the prices and facilities here.
E : Oh, here. Take this brochure first. OK, as you can see, there are 3 types of house you can buy here. The first type is called, The Classic. It costs 1 million rupiah each house. It has 1600 watt electricity, a kitchen set, 2 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms, and a carport. 
C : Wow, that's a lot of money:D
E : That's how business works, ma'am:)
C : OK, OK. How about the 2nd type?
E : The 2nd type is called, The Grand.  It costs 5 million and 5 hundred rupiah for each house. It has 3200 watt electricity, a kitchen set, 3 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms, a water heater, 2 carports, and free wifi.
C : That's nice. OK, let me guess what's the name of the 3rd type. It's The Premiere. Am I right?
E : Yes, you are right.  It costs 2 billion rupiah for each house. It has 4500 watt electricity, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a sun-ray water heater, 2 carports, free wifi, and if you buy this one now, you'll get a 7% discount.
C : Mmm.. I think I'm going to go with The Premiere.
E : OK, ma'am. Where would you like your house to be?
C : Near the Orchid Fountain, please. 
E : OK, so when will you give us the money?:)
C : I'll pay right now. Cash.
E : O..K.. Thank you for your bussiness
C : Can we take a look at the house I chose?
E : Oh, sure. Right this way:)
C : My! What happened to this bathroom? The floor is perfectly damaged! And there's no air vent!
E :  Ma'am, believe me, I don't even know!
C : I want to take my money back!
E : No, no, no, please don't do it, ma'am. I'll be fired:( I'll tell the workers to rebuild this broken bathroom:)
C : OK, but be quick, OK? 
E : Absolutely:)

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