I want to ask U all
please describe :
1. nenek yang lagi menyiram tanaman
2. Saudara perempuan sedang bermain boneka
3. Saudara laki2 sedang makan snak
4. Anak muda yang cape' karena mendorong mobil
5. Little boy yg sedang bermain bola
6. Saudara perempuan yang sedang menggendong saudara laki2nya yg masih kecil
7. ayah yg sedang membenarkan mobil yg rusak
8. ibu yg sedang membaca novel

Semuanya dalam bahasa Inggris ya




  Describe          =  Menggambarkan / mendeskripsikan / menjelaskan

1. My grandmother is watering the plants using a watering can. The shape of the watering can is big so there would be a lot of water in there, and the color of the watering can is blue and it has a cute flower sticker.

2. My sister is playing a doll. Her doll is a gift from me. It's a big teddy bear. The body of the teddy bear is like chocolate cream and the eyes are black. It wears a gold hat and a gold sling bag.

3. My brother is eating a snack. A potato chip, actually. The potato chip is a little long and have orange and golden color. It tastes so good that he's buying 2 more!:))

4. A tired man is pushing a car. The man wears a blue stripes T-shirt, a denim jeans, and black casual converse shoes. The car he was pushing was a green Escudo car. It has a flat tire on the back. 

5. A little boy is playing soccer. The boy is wearing a pair of Chelsea Football Club uniform. Match with a pair of neon shoe and a long white socks.

6. A girl is holding her baby brother. The girl is wearing a long light blue blouse, and the baby is wearing a diaper:))

7. My father is repairing a broken car. My father is wearing a black shirt and a hawaii pants. Using a screwdriver, he's fixing the broken car:)

8. My mom is reading a novel. The novel she is reading is thick and it has a cute cupcake picture on the front and pink background on the back. How cute!:3

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