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       cheating is a bad thing, but people keep doing that thing. we do cheating when we have an exam. the purpose is to get the highest score of all students.
       by cheating, absolutely  we get the highest score of all students, but god doesn't like it at all. god doesn't like it because cheating is a bad thing and god really hate it. people who cheat will get the punishment from god later.
       cheating isn't good at all. it's better to us to be honest in doing the exam. if we get the highest score because ourselves, it must make us really proud of it. stop cheating and be honest

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Cheating is an action of copying other's work, especially during examination. Actually, cheating is not limited just in examination. In fact, cheating can be done anytime anywhere, for example if a student is just too lazy to do homework, he/she can easily cheat on his/her classmate's work. 
Cheating is a really bad habit. It is addictive, and surely breaking our youth generation. Cheating means killing honesty, and an expression of lack confidence for personal intellect. 
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