Bicycle has two wheels there in front and behind the body.Bicycle has a saddle to sit down,made of iron and painted with iron-paint well.Bicycle has brake to stop the bicycle.Bicycle has two pedals to run the bicycle too.
mksh ya. yangn topi belom
hng..aku coba deskripskikan deh.. bentar ya..
hat has a round shape,usually made from leather or rattan.hat has a function to protect from the sun or just for accessories.hat usually worn by woman.
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   My Hat
I have a hat. It is green. I bought it at Matahari departement store in my town. I often wear it if the day is sunny.  I also wear it when i play tennis with my friends. I usually wash my hat on Sunday morning, to keep it clean.

   My New Bicycle
This is my new bicycle. it is a birthday presents from my parents. it is blue. it is made of iron. it is powerful. I always ride it in the afternoon with my sister. I am very happy to have it.

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