At The Library
Roni : Hi, Dave. What books are you looking for?
Dave : Hi. I'm looking for english book.
Roni : Does Miss Tina give you a lot of homework?
Dave : No, I just want to prepare for the next week exam.
Roni : Oh, I see. Do you need a favor?
Dave : Sure, if you don't mind.
Roni : Of Course, i don't mind.
Dave : Thanks
Roni : Oh, don't mention it.... Here it is, the English book you're looking for.
Dave : Thank a lot, Ron.

Answer the qustions below.
1. What does Dave do at the library?
2. What book does he want to borrow?
3. Does he finally get the book?
4. Who helps him finding the book?
5. What does Dave say to Roni?

Thanks" tolong jawab mksih!



1.looking for a book
2.english book
5.thank a lot. ron

1. look for a book 2. english book 3. yes 4. roni 5. thx a lot,ron