Arni: hey, dinda
Dinda: hey arni
Arni: dinda, in your opinion, what do you think about online shop??
Dinda: in my opinion, online shop is nice, but we must be careful.... because it may be a crime.....
Arni: yeah, i think so........ i have the same opinion as you are
Dinda: don't to often buying things in online shop....
Arni: thanks for your suggestion
Dinda: you're welcome 

semoga membantu :)
Gina : Have you hear?
Lisa  : What?
Gina : Grace was tricked by someone from an olshop.
Lisa : Are you serious?
Gina : Yes! We should be really careful about buying things from somewhere we don't know..
Lisa : Yep. I totally agree with you. You know, Grace should think twice about buying from an online shopping.
Gina : Like, searching 3 or 5 testimonials from the store.
Lisa : Yeah. Too bad she didn't think twice like us:3
Gina : Yeah, lucky us!:D

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