Rearrange these word to form a correct sentense or question!
1. started-show-has-yet-the-?
2. eaten-before-never-has-a kiwi-fruit-she
3. table-yet-she-the-has-set-?
4. since-i-him-have not written-last year-to
5. washed-yet-you-dishes-all-the-have-?
6. fighting-came-since-they-you-have stopped
7. two-has been-ill-for-she-days
8. four months-have not been-they-the beach-to-for



1. Has the show started yet ?
2. She never has eaten a kiwi fruit before
3. Has she set the table yet ?
4. I have not written to him since last year
5. Have you washed all the dishes yet?
6. They have stopped fighting since you came
7. She has been ill for two days
8. They have not been to the beach for four months
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