Bididayakanlah bertanya kepada guru.
Semoga membantu ^_^

C : Hay, D!! can I borrow your pen??
D : Iam sorry C, I just have one
.C : Hhmm....... can I borrow your eraser??
D : I don’t have. Please don’t invited talk with me for a minute.      Iam must study.
C : Wait a minute. Are you sure??I was saw you use your eraser     yesterday.
D : Iam sure. My eraser was lost.
C : Hey, don’t be lie!! We are classmate.
D : I don’t care if you not believe me
.C : You are stingy!!D : Up to you. NOW please don’t disturb me! You know, after the     math class that biology test.
C : Yup, I know that
.D : So, why you not study??
C : I has  study last night in my home. Not like you, you are lazy     student. Who study to biology test in the school.
D : Hey, keep your mouth!!
C : Oh dear!!D : Iam fed up with you....
.C : Iam losing my mind!!
D : Huh!! Don’t invited me to talk with you...
C : Don’t worry…

G : Hi!!
H : Hi.
G : H, last night when you are gone??
H : Mmmm.... iam not leave my home. Iam just stay in home
.G : Are you sure??
H : Yes.G : If you just stay in your home, why I was saw you walking out      With my boyfriend in MKG??
H : That impposible, maybe you wrong when you see. They not iam      and your boyfriend.
G : So please don’t be lie with me, we are bestfriend since we       child. Please don’t be lie. Iam sure I not wrong. You was walk       out with my boyfriend.
H : Hmmm......
.G : Be honest. And I need your confession.
H : Why iam must confession?? Iam not wrong, iam really stay in      home.
G : If you not be honest, so we contact was end since now!!!
H : Mmmm....
G : Why you just quiet?? Huh!! You be fear?? I hate you!!
H : i… i… iam so sorry.
G : Sorry??
H : You all right, iam was walk out with your boyfriend last night.     I ask you, so please. Don’t end we contact... we are bestfriend     since we child. You remember it??
G : You know, you was hurt my heart. You are treason me!!     Iam so disappointed with you.
H : Iam really sorry.....  iam so regret.
G : You are late. Iam really hate you. you burn me up!! Now we are      not a bestfriend again!!I can kill you and my boyfriend now!!     BYE-BYE!!!
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