Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. my name is... and I would like to tell you about character building

you all sure know what character is right?
yes, character is something in ourselves that we can change even it has been our habit. Sometimes, we can see our friends or anyone around us become naughty, silly, or even easily angry. We usually think 'that people have a bad character'. You know, if that people never change, our generation will become bad too and our country will be hard to expose itself because of that bad character. Which is mean, we should change our bad character into something better. if you are easily angry, you can try to do something to decrease our emotion and maybe increasing our mood. Just imagine our country's president is someone like that! in every meeting that people will be full of anger and looks so mad. and that meeting won't be a big success. Usually, if the others disagreed with that people, that people will be so mad. If we have plenty of that people, our politician will just be worse or the same as this. Just like the other bad characters, if they can't change it, there will be so many of negative things in our country. So, the only way is to rebuild the character or build it since they were a kid

that's all that I can tell to you. thank you for your attention and bye