Change the following statements into reported speech.

1. Sari said,"I am sad."

2.Susan said,"I am listening to the radio in my room."

3.Chandra said,"My family and I will arrive there at 7 o'clock."

4.Linda Said,"I go to my grandmother's house every saturday."

5.Rafi said,"I live in jakarta."

6.My brother said,"I can teach you english tomorrow."

7.Rosa asked,"How could this happen to me?"

8.Katrina said,"I think I am not the right person to be asked for help."

9.Barry said,"I will come to your house tonight."

10.Lila said,"I want to have some Japanese food."



1. Sari said that she was sad.
2. Susan said that she was listening to the radio in her room.
3. Chandra said that his family and he would arrive there at 7 o'clock.
4. Linda said that she went to her grandmother's house every saturday.
5. Rafi said that he lived in Jakarta.
6. My brother said that he could teach me english the next day.
7. Rosa asked how could that happened to her.
8. Katrina said that she thought she was not the right person to be asked for help.
9. Barry said that he would come to my house that night.
10. Lila said that she wanted to have some Japanese food.

So, please check again..