Simple Past Tense
1. Question He was sleeping when you … him last night.
o     called o     was calling
2. Question The woman had already left when her friends …
o     come o     came
3. Question I sometimes … my head under the water when I swam in the ocean.
o     put o     puts
4. Question Did the tour participants … the sunrise this morning?
o     see o     saw
5. Question The people … in poverty for two decades.
o     live o     lived
6. Question How did you … your last weekend?
o     spent o     spend
7. Question They made mistakes because they didn’t … the guidelines.
o     follow o     followed
8. Question You … regret if you joined the community.
o     wouldn't o     won't
9. Question The businessman … the sales contract two days ago.
o     backs out of o     backed out of
10. Question It wasn’t her who … money from your wallet.
o     takes o     took

1. My friend ............... guitar everyday.
a. Plays B. Play C. Playing
2. Toni........to swim and he........to swimming pool everyweek.
A. Like - go B. Likes - goes C. Liked - went
3. Wulan and Tetra ............ fried chicken every week.
A. Cooking B. Cook C. Cooks
4. Did Tian and Arie ...............the song together?
A. Sang B. Sings C. Sing
5. Do you .............the grass in the garden everyweek?
A. Cuts B. Cut C. Cutting
6.He ……with Dinda yesterday
A.come B.came C.comes

Dear: Sarah
Sarah, I am writing to you just to memorize
about our holiday in your city last year.
        I (7).... So happy being there with you. We (8).....many tourism objects like Parangtritis Beach, Prambanan Temple, and Malioboro. I really enjoyed the places. We (9).......many foods and souvenirs there. We also(10)... The pictures scenery. We (11)... So happy spending time together.
        I hope we can visit there again next time.

7. A. Is
    b. Was
    c. Are
    d. Were
8. A. Visited
    b. Visiting
    c. Visits
    d. Visit
9. A. Buy
    b. Buying
    c. Bought
    d. Buyed
10. A. Take
    b. Takes
    c. Taked
    d. Took
11. A. Were
    b. Was
    c. Are
    d. Is

Present Perfect Tense
1. I don’t have enough money to buy lunch. ____ you lend me a couple of dollars?
            A. Could                      B. May                         C. Shall
2. That ice is dangerously thin now. You ____ go ice-skating today.

            A. Might not                B. Would mind not to              C. Mustn’t        
3. It’s way past my bedtime and I’m really tired. I ____ go to bed.
           A. Should                     B. Would                                 C. Could

4. He ____ have committed this crime. He wasn’t even in the city that night.
          A. Shouldn`t                 B. Might                                  C. Couldn’t
5. You seem to be having trouble there. ____I help you?
         A. Would                       B. Will                                      C. Shall

6. Teddy got a bed score for his examination, ____study hard for next

        A. Should have studied  B. Could have studied                        C. Might have studied

7. My father ____ play guitar when he was child

        A. Shall                           B. Can                         C. Could

8. I have been invited my friends to come, They                 be there tomorrow

        A. Would                                    B. Could                                 C. Should

9. The sky so dark, it        be rain

        A. May                            B. Might                                  C. Should

10. There`s a baby area, you                    smoke here.

        A. Ought to                     B. Must not                             C. Should not


1. … read the terms and conditions.
o     have o     has
2. Question Have you ever … the beautiful desert scenery?
o     see o     seen      
3. Question
… Mahesa been to New Zealand?
o     has o     is
4. Question
My cousin … as a medical assistant for almost a year.
o     have worked o     has worked   
5. Question
Someone … left the letter on your desk.
o     has o     have      
6. Question
How much have you … for clothes that you never wear?
o     spent o     spend    
7. Question
The businessman … offered her three times the value of her property, but she’s not interested.
o     's o     've    
8. Question
He hasn’t … a bribe for education services, has he?
o     pay o     paid
9. Question Julie as well as her sister … used organic products for skin care since January.
o     has o     have
10. Question One of the students … completed the final exam.
o     've just o     's just
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