To my dearest classmate, Amanda.

Hello, Amanda. How are you? Hope you have been better:)
Remember that lesson we studied last Wednesday? About Math? Yeah, I have a problem with that. Could you maybe teach some tips and tricks for me?


Hope this helped, and please click this faq as the best answer, thanks!:D
For friendship:
hy, friends, from this letter i want to tell you that you are my best friends. this friendship has been made since the first meet in this school, so i want this frienship never end untill we die and i will love you forever. no matter how much we ever quarrel because finally this friendship not to break. well, that's all i can say for you and thank's to be my best friends.

for love :
hi guys, since first time i know you in this school, my heart beat so heart but i don't know why?. and day after day i feel something different in my heart. i always asking why by my self but my heart can't lie and it tell the truth that i love you so much. i'll not write many words because i just want to ask you: will you be my boyfriend? did you accept me?