Announcement advised to by all student smpn 3 majalengka of to be who will become the osis please come to osis room thanks you
ucapkan terima kasih dong di profil brainly saya
To all members of pmr oraganization of SHS 1 Manado
Kalau tentang KIR bsa Tidak??


Pengumuman sama kayak announcement kah? bisa written announcement atau spoken announcement
Contoh pengumumannya
contohnya spoken announcement:
due to the techinal problem of garuda indonesia airlines. flight member GA 825 leaving for makassar and biak. schedule at 10:15 is delayed for approximately 30 minutes. thankyou.
Attention Please 
Student's Tomorrow is free Day , Because is mom day's , you can to make your mother Happy's okey, and dont forget your Home Work 
MAAF kalau salah semoga membantu, Jadikan Yang terbaik ya !