Mungkin bisa dijelaskan atau disebutkan lebih detail lagi possibility tentang apa.
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Komentar sudah dihapus
contoh pilihan ganda tentang possibility ,terserah mau pake modal apa aja ?
enggak , buka itu maksud saya
1. A : I always love the smell of chocolate, don't you agree?
    B : .....

a. Yes, I agree.
b. No, I agree.
c. Yes, I don't know

2. A : My zodiac sign is Cancer just like her. But, how can I not be as hardworking as her? Don't you think all these horoscope thingies are fake? 
    B  : .....

a. This time, I'm with you.
b. No, it is!
c. I don't care

3. Lia thinks Thailand is a cool and breezy country. But Andi thinks Thailand is a tropical country.

Based on the text above, they both.... each other
a. agree
b. don't agree
c. not sure at

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