Ada yang bisa gk dsni buat cerita drama yang singkat maksimal durasinya 4 menit dan gk ribet, trus pemainnya ada dua orang cewek dan 1 cowok, tapi, yang berbahasa inggris !!

aku bisa
tolon dong buatkan ??
tolong dong buatkan !!


Introduction Good Morning… Cowo  : Hai,(….) nama cewenya Cewe  : Hallo,(…) nama cowo Cowo  : Let’s go to school,(nama cewe) Cewe  : okeee Nama cowo and nama cewe go to school by foot,five minutes walk to school and now we arrived at in front of gate school Cowo  : Look!!! Cewe  : why? Cowo  : a new student Cewe  : yes,come’n meet here Cowo  : let’s go When walk,nearing the new kind. While stareing,look the new kid that is pretty. Cewe  : emmmm…. Hello Anak baru : oh ya.. hai Cewe  : what is your name? Cowo : do you live?                 How old are you? Cewe  : what your favourite hobby? Anak baru : STOP…… oh,I am sorry. Wait one by one. Okey, my name is (…), my age (…),I live at (…),my favourite hobby is/are (…) Cowo,cewe : ooh okey Cring3x,the bell is ringing Cewe : come’n (nama cowo) Cowo  : oke Cowo dan cewe sit in chair. Anak baru get in the class. And all of students studing English. In a ew hours,the bell is ringing. Anak baru : emm… hai,whats your name? Cowo : oh my name is (nama anak cowo),you can call me (…) (while shake hands) Anak baru : oh.. oke and you. Whats your name? Cewe : my name is (nama cewe),you can call me (…) (while shake hands) Anak baru : oh,oke nice to meet you Cowo and cewe : nice to meet you too The bell is ringing to get in the class,and at least the bell to go home is ringing. Anak baru,cowo,and cewe go to their home Anak baru : see you next time,bye.. bye Cewe&cowo : okee!! Byee On the road.. They meet again and they saying were always gonna be best friend until dead