Ubah ke Passive Voice Conditional ke 2 dong..
They would have told you.
We would have spoken English. Mario would have bought a paper. She would have called the police. We would have painted the walls green. She would not have noticed the mistake. I would not have given this book away. Would my mum have packed the bag? Would you have accepted that offer? Would they have given the right answer?



Ga ada nomornya gue kasih bates dah -__-
- You would have been told by them. 
- English would have been spoken by us. 
A paper would have been bought by Mario
The police would have been called by her
The walls would have been painted green by us
The mistake would not have been noticed by her
This book would not have been given away by me.
Would the bag have been packed by my mum?
Would that offer have been accepted by you?
Would the right answer have been given by them?
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You would be told by them. english would be have spoken by us. a paper would be have by mario. the police would has called by her. the walls green would have painted by us.
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