Budi : hello, good morning. 
Dito  : Good morning. who is this?
Budi :  I'm budy. Can i speak with dito?
Dito  : Yes, I'm here. 
Budi : Can you help me doing math homework?
Dito  : Sure! i will go to your house tomorrow
Budi  : Thanks a lot!
Dito  : my pleasure.

semoga membantu ^_^

A : good afternoon
B: good afternoon
A : how are you today ?
B : i am fine
A : i want to ask , when there is home work not thursday ? becouse of permission
A : yes , home work exercises in the student's work .
B : how many pages ?
A : eight
B : sorry for distrubing
A : no problem
B : ok , thank you
A : your welcome
B : good bye
A : bye

itu pecakapn aku waktu di sklh tema nya menanyakan PR