Jawaban paling cerdas!
One beautiful morning Kancil decided to fish in a certain river. On the way he met his friend, Swine,bear who stopped him for a chat. 
swine bear: good morning kancil
kancil : good morning 
swine : how are u??
kancil : i'm fine
bear : kancil, can i join you to take the fish??
kancil : no, because you are so small, you can kill your self...
than the swine dicided to swim over the river
and kancil not see swine again in view ours...
the next day
swine: hi there
bear and kancil is shock
bear ; you still alive?!
swine ; yes of course
kancil ; what are you carie?
swine ; this is a fish i take it just for you to 
then kancil ,swine, bear, eat the fish... and there become a best friend
the end...
jangan lupa tandain menjadi yang terbaik yaaaa.....

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