Y: Hi Z, what are u doing now?
Z: Hi too Y, ehmm nothing
Y: But, you look so sad.
Z: Really? Am I look so sad?
Y: Yes, you are. Would you tell me why you look so sad?
Z: Hmm, honestly, Math exam will be held tomorrow and I haven't mastered the material to be tested tomorrow. What should I do? I'm counfused:(
Y: Ohhh, just calming down. I'll help you. we can learn together to master the material.
Z: Seriously? THANK YOU!


A: hi tiara...
B: (..........)
A: what's wrong Tiara?
B: um...... i'm so sad right now
A: what happen?
B: my grandma has passed away yesterday..... i love her very much..... but, she left me alone
A: i'm really sorry to hear that..... don't speak like that...... you're not alone.... you have your family and your friends around me
B: yeah, you're true.... thanks Dina..... i feel better now
A: you're welcome...... my pleasure
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