My Holiday In Idul Fitri

In last Idul Fitri, I went to my grandmother's house, my grandmother's house in Rantau Prapat, I went there with my family. Once there we continued to rest, and tomorrow morning we went to the recreation that was sigambal, it was a very beautiful waterfall.
To get there we had trouble because the visitors are very crowded so we were stuck in traffic long enough, it’s about 0.5 km. Upon arriving at our destination immediately find a place to sit cross-legged and put under on our luggage, then I change my clothes to take a shower under the waterfall splash. The scenery is very beautiful, so that we use to took pictures with my family.
  After the shower and take pictures, my family and I took a break over lunch. And finally we decided to go home. During the journey back to my grandmother's house, we were stuck in traffic again. After several hours on the road we finally arrived at my grandmother's place.
My holiday experience was very enjoyable, and a wish to be able to do it again !