Rabbit : hy, snail. Why you sad?
snail : I'am sad, because i'am don't have friend :')
goat : Snail, we are your friend :D
snail : oh, goat and rabbit.. Thank's very much.. 
rabbit and goat : yeaah, snail.. Always keep smile :D
*sedih itu sad / said gtw aku, lupa*

jadikan solusi terbaikk :D *makasih
deer: O alligator why are you sad?
snake: yes, why do you look sad crocodile?
crocodiles : hi also deer and snakes, I'm sad because I have not eaten
deer: if so I will be looking for meat in the village
Snake: You either once deer
deer: I go first
snakes and crocodiles: yes

One day, two duck walked a long the road to go to the lake for their swim. In the middle of the road, they met Mr. fox. He sat under the tree. “hello, sister. Where are you going? Asked Mr. fox. “good morning, Mr. fox, we are going to lake over there. We want to swim. Would you like to join us?” asked the ducks. “no thanks, do you both come a long here every day?” asked Mr. fox. “yes, we always walk here every morning.” Said the ducks. “delicious..s I mean nice to see you both,” said Mr. fox. The next day, the first duck said “are we going to swim today? I bet that Mr. fox is waiting for us and he has a bad plain. “I know, I have a plan for him too.” Said the second duck. One their way they met Mr. fox again. “hello sisters, going to swim again?” asked Mr. fox. “yes, we are, why don’t you take us to the lake and protect us from bad animals?” said the second duck. “of course, it’s my pleasure,” replied Mr. fox. “this is an easy way to have a free lunch. I have a big bag with me now,” though Mr. fox. Three of them walked to the lake and sang some songs. “When I say run, let’s run fast together.” Said the second duck. “run!!!” They ran so fast and jumped into the lake. Mr. fox jumped upon them, but he forgot that he could not swim. So, Mr. fox drowned in the lake. He failed to get his free lunch. Moral : do not ever intend evil to someone, because evil is self inflicted.
-Hope it can help you :)