Beauty and the beast

1. Father 
2. Maid 
3. Beauty 
4. Peter 
5. Alice 
6. Beast 
7. Fairy 

Once upon a time, in the village, there is a poor family which lives with the shortage, because of unprofitable business one day, the father wants to go trade. 

Father : My daughters, I want to sell the goods by ship for long time. Take care of each other and our house. Be nice. 

Maid : Don’t worry sir. Your daughter will be all right with me. Just take care of your self ...sir, because there are many pirates in the sea see you soon, sir. 

Beauty : Good bye father. We love you, dad. Be careful, till we meet again 

Peter : Father, you must think us. We need you. 

Father : Okay! Don’t worry about me. I will come back safely. 

Alice : Daddy, don’t forget to bring a lot of money, present and jewelry for me. 

Peter : Yeach, don’t forget for me also 

Father : All right. And you beauty, what do you want for you? 

Beauty : I don’t want anything. Just be safe daddy. 

Father : Okay honey! 

Day, month and year passed them by. Their father never comes yet. In other place, there is something happened with their father. His good was stolen by pirates, and he got injury. And he is unconscious

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