Saya test ya A: hi, Jen what you think the rules at school you agree? B: I do not agree about the "students are prohibited from using phones cell in class" A: why? B: because it is a thing that should be able to distinguish if the class time A: hm , are you sure with you case? I'm agree! because students always play phone cell in the class and that become a something bad to me and other B: that's just my answer and what I think smoga brmanfaat :)
A : Hi, good morning. We have an assignment in Mathematics, have you finished ? 
B : Good morning. Oh God ! I'm forget. Thanks so much for remind. Fortunately, i bring my cellphone, so i can use the cellphone's calculator to make the process easier. 
A : Hey, our school rules, prohibited students to bring the cellphone, don't we ?
B : But i think, cellphone is useful even in school. We have to use cellphone to call our parents to take us home. Agree ? 
A : Yeah. It's a great opinion. But why our school made a rule like that ? 
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