How would you express thanks in the following situations below? say the answers!
a) Someone just gave you a gift for your birthday
b) Someone has just bought you dinner for you
c) Someone returned your lost wallet
d) Someone helped carry you grocery bags
e) Someone complimented you on your necktie

Kalau bisa lengkap ya jawabannya jangan singkat.



Jawaban paling cerdas!
A) Thank you so much for the gift, I will keep this gift well
b) Thank you for the dinner, coincidence I'm hungry
c) Ooh thank you for finding my wallet, it make me panic, you are a good person, hopefully god bless you
d) Thank you so much, i have make you troubling, i hope god will return your godness
e) Thank you for complimenting me, you are also look good with your necktie

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