of the most shocking news stories in Hong Kong is the recent mix – up of corpse
identities. The body of a 90 – years – old man, Mr. Wong Fong Ho was given to
the wrong family who came to collect the remains of another man from the public
morgue. The family apprently did not check the identity when collecting the body.

When Mr. Wong Fong Ho’s family came to collect the dead body, the staff of the morgue gave them the body of a 57 – years - old man who was also called Mr. Wong. But when Mr. Wong Fo Ho’s son examined the body, he found that it had front teeth, tattoos on the
shoulders and a deep scar on the left side of the face, which his father did not have.

It was reported that Mr. Wong Fong Ho’s body was given by the staff of the public morgue to the wrong family, who had cremated it three days earlier.

The Health Department took a serious view of his mistake and ordered an immediate investigation.

Here are 5 sentences. Write ‘ T ’ for true and F for false ini the boxes provided.

a. Mr. Wong Fong Ho died at the age of 90 ( )
b. Mr. Wong Fong Ho collected the dead body. ( )
The family who took Mr. Wong Fong Ho’s dead body did not check the identify of the dead man ( )
d. The 57- years old dead man had no front teeth. ( )
e. Wong Fong Ho’s body was cremated by the wrong family three days later ( )



A. True
b. False
c. True
d. False
e. False