Mohon bantuannya

Soal 1



Are you all right ? I just called you on your cellphone, but there was no reply. I am very (1) ..... about the calamity your community has suffered.I heard from the news that a tsunami has just (2) .... your area. The (3) .... caused by the killer waves was (4) .... I hope you are fine. It seems that an earthquake on the ocean floor caused floor caused the tsunami. The movements In the sea had formed big waves that reached out to the (5) .... regions. The news also (6) ..... that the waves reached up to eight storeys high. Please (7) ... to this
e –mail or give me call as soon as (8) .....

based on the e-mail above, state the purpose of Daniel sending the e-mail to Dhika.
berdasarkan e-mail di atas, menyatakan tujuan dari Daniel mengirimkan e-mail ke Dhika.)

pertanyaannya ???

1. The Purpose is to



Give condolesense to dhika
ada yg lain selain itu
to show how much she care of her
ada lagi ???
to inform andika
that his'm sorry about the disaster that happened