Buatlah dialog sesuai dengan situasi!
1. You saw a woman at the hospital yesterday. She looked like your friend's mother. You tell your friend about it and ask for facts/information about his/her mother. How would the dialog go?



A: ani...
B: yes, what's up Tiara?
A: yesterday i saw a woman who looked like your mother..... but, i'm not too sure about it.... where is your mother right now?
B: yes, Tiara.... you're true......... my mother is hopitalized in hospital now......
A: oh, i'm sorry to hear that......... i hope your mother get well soon
B: thanks Tiara
A: you're welcome

semoga membantu :D
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Ana : Hallo lisa, i'm in hospital now. And i look your mother in here.
Lisa : Hallo Ana, yes my mother is in hospital now.
Ana : Why? your mother sick lisa?
Lisa : Yes, my mother is sick. She got headache, so she go to the hospital.
Ana : Oh, i see. So your mother not serious illnes?
Lisa : No Ana, my mother just got headache, not serious illnes.
Ana : Okay, so.. Get Well Soon for your mother Lisa.
Lisa : Ok. Thank you.
Ana : your welcome, bye.
Lisa : Bye.