A : Hello?? Ebi’s house here...
B : Good afternoon, mam. Is ebi at home right now? It’s ica.
A : Oh yes, it’s me, rizki. What’s wrong Nana?
B : I want to ask you about our homework. Can i do homework in your house ebi? I don’t have the same book like you. Can I?
A : Oh, sure! Just come here and we do the homework together then... i wait you here!
B :  Okay! I’ll be on my way in 30 minutes. Thank you!
semoga membantu ^_^
sorry salah ketik yg bag A " it's me RIZKI itu di ganti jadi IT'S ME EBI
nina : selamat pagi ana
ana : selamat pagi nina
nina : apakah kemarin disekolah ada tugas,karena kemarin saya sakit
ana : oh tentu ada
nina : pelajaran apakah itu ???
ana :pelajaran bahasa inggris
nina :oh terima kasih ana
ana : iya,you are welcome
A: andien!
B: what's wrong Nina?
A: nothing... i just want ask you something
B: really? what's that?
A: i was absent yesterday because i was sick... did the teachers give us homework?
B: oh, i see.... no, the teachers didn't give any homeworks for us....
A: thanks Andien....
B: you're welcome...