Ir. H. Joko Widodo born in Surakarta, June 21, 1961 more be known with name nickname Jokowi is businessman furniture and He constitute Mayor Surakarta (Solo) twice during the service period 2005-2015. In future his position, he represented F.X. Hadi Rudyatmo as representative mayor. At that time, he was nominated the Democratic Party Indonesian Struggle. In 2012, he shared with Ir. Tjahaja Basuki Purnama, M.M. (Ahok) forward as candidates for governor and vice governor of Jakarta. Biodata Jokowi - Joko Widodo: Popular Name: Jokowi Full Name: Ir. Joko Widodo Born: Surakarta, June 21, 1961 Political parties: PDI-P Wife: Ny. Hj. Iriana Joko Widodo Children: Gibran Rakabumi Raka, Kahiyang Ayu, Kaesang Pangerap Religion: Islam - Hobby: rock music lovers History of Education: - SDN 111 Tirtoyoso Solo, Solo SMPN1, SMAN 6 Solo - Civitas: Faculty of Forestry UGM 1985 graduates Occupation: Entrepreneur, Exporter Furniture, Mayor of Solo 2005-2010 and 2010-2015 The new governor of Jakarta Joko Widodo has a story unique childhood. Small Jokowi had felt bitterness of his home when displaced. Childhood Jokowi colored jokes and laughter, with occasional interspersed with cries. Tenement at the same place of business his father in the lumber Cinderejo Lor, evicted and be the center of travel services. His mother said Jokowi small figure that is quiet, yet clever associate. Many people know Jokowi as who always give in, to avoid a fight. The attitude inherited from both parents Jokowi were always taught the meaning of sincere and responsible answered. In contrast to most children, Jokowi always walk to school, while others showcase the latest bicycle. According to Jokowi when it, the school is not too far from home, so walking was not a problem. Devotion to parents Jokowi shown not only through gesture, but also a number of achievements. When I became mayor of Solo to be the Governor of Jakarta, the people who knew him never thought the journey of life Joko small. Jokowi figure greatly loved by his people. Support Solo residents not vanished, including the current Jokowi advanced to the Governor of Jakarta. The carpenter's son also, has now become the number one in Jakarta. Small Jokowi is the son of a "carpenter". After He graduated from high school, then continued his studies in Faculty of Forestry, University of Gajah Mada. After graduated from college in 1985, he migrated to the province and working in one of the SOE. Then he returned to Solo and working at a moving company in the field of timber, CV. Teak wheel. Having had enough, the In 1998, he stopped working on the CV and start his own business capital of the experience he never had. With hard work, perseverance and tenacity, finally succeeded in developing Jokowi business and become an exporter of furniture. Jokowi earned an engineering degree from the Faculty of Forestry GMU in 1985. When running for mayor, many doubt the ability of the man who worked as a merchant's house and garden furniture even up to the time he was elected. In 2005, Mr. Jokowi decided to run for Mayor of Solo with a political party PDI-P as a political vehicle. He eventually was elected became mayor of Solo. During his leadership, the Solo much progress. A year after he lead, many progressive breakthrough made by him. He took the example of the development of many cities in the Europe he often visited in order to drive business. Under his leadership, the Solo changing rapid. Branding for the city of Solo performed by Solo is approved slogan "Solo: The Spirit of Java ". Doing pretty progressive step for size cities in Java: it is able to relocate secondhand goods dealer in Park Banjarsari almost without turbulence to revitalize the functions of green land open, giving requirements on investors to want think of the public interest, to communicate routine direct and open (broadcast by local television) with the community. Balekambang parks, abandoned since abandoned by its organizer, maketh garden. Jokowi also did not hesitate to dismiss investor not agree with the principle of leadership. As a follow-up branding he filed Surakarta to become a member of the Organization Heritage Cities World and received in 2006. Steps continues with the successful hosting of Surakarta the organization's conference in October 2008. In 2007 Surakarta also has hosted the World Music Festival (FMD) which held in Fort Vastenburg complex that threatened to be evicted and business center shopping. FMD in 2008 was held in Mangkunegaran Palace complex. By Tempo Magazine, Joko Widodo was elected as one of "10 People 2008 "