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                                                 DESCRIPTION OF BAG

Bags are sealed containers that can be taken away. The material to make bags include paper, plastic, leather, and others. Usually used to carry clothes, books, and others. The bag can be carried in a backpack called back, while the large bag to load the suitcases of clothing called (from Netherlands Koffer). There is also a box-shaped bag that is usually only used by women to bring beauty equipment, commonly referred to as beauty or beauty bagcase.Sekarang bag into one of the industry is very lucrative. The average population in the world, spending most of his money to spend bags.Therefore, entrepreneurs are very keen to develop its business in the bag industry. Now there are bags made from batik.Modelnya no less interesting than the lainnya.Selain bags, these bags are attractive to own style that can attract attention


                                                 DESCRIPTION OF CAT
The cat is one of the preferred pet of many people. Cats are well-known for its spoiled and also loyal to his master. There are different types of cats that have long hair to short. There are different types of cats like Scottish Fold, Persian, Maine Coon, and Japanese Bob Tail. Scottish Fold type has unique characteristics in the form of the ear folded inwards. This type of cat has a round head and round eyes. In contrast with Siamese type that has a triangular head.

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My dog, Brownie
 I have a pet. It is a dog and I call it Brownie.
Brownie is a Chinese breed. It is small, fluffy and cute. It has got thick brown fur. When I cuddle it, the fur feels soft. Brownie does not like bones. Everyday it eats soft food like steamed rice, fish or bread. Every morning I give her milk and bread. When I am at school, Brownie plays with my cat. They get a long well, and never fight maybe because Brownie does not bark a lot. It treats the other animals in our house gently, and it never bites  shoes. Brownie is really a sweet and friendly animal.

Monkey is lively and clever animal. It has long tail, two legs, and two hands. Monkey has feather that very dense. It also has long arms for climbing. Because it is very easy to climb for monkey.
Monkey has climbing habit. Monkey can climb on a singgle tree to another tree. In  addition to climbing, it also likes to scratchhis body. Monkeys are known to learn and use tools to help in getting food. A favorite food monkey is banana. Banana is the food of monkeys everyday. Monkey very likes banana.
Monkey habitat is the forest. but there are also monkeys that lived with human, the monkeys live and under growth daily activitiies with human. Uniquely thousands of monkeys live in harmony with human neighbours every day there is just a come and give food herd this monkey. Out of habit, the monkeys here are very tame.

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