Ndesa: Have you seen Paidjo?
Ndesi: No, I'm not.
Ndesa: He's very famous right now in our school
Ndesi: Really? How does he look like?
Ndesa: He's very handsome, tall, and very kindly
Ndesi: Wow, can you tell me more specific about him?
Ndesa: Hmm, he's white, oval face, and wear glasses. Oh yeah I hear that he's really smart too
Ndesi: He must be very famous!
Jawaban paling cerdas!
Dina : " hello bela , good afternoon"
bela : " hy Dina , good afternoon"
dina :" where are you going to?"
bela :" i want going to nadia "
dina :" ohh yeah , you with nadia friendly , isn't it?
bela :" yes we are"
dina :" what do you think about nadia?"
bela :"nadia is beatiful girl and she is helpfull , smart and clever "
dina :" oh ,, i see "
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