Unity in Diversity is the motto or slogan Indonesia . This phrase is derived from the Old Javanese language and are often translated with the phrase " Different but still one " .

Translated by word , the word diversity mean " diverse " or different. Neka in the Sanskrit word meaning " kind " and be forming the word "miscellaneous " in Indonesian . Single word means " one " . Ika word meaning " the " . Literally translated Unity in Diversity "Wide One That " , which means although different but essentially remains the nation of Indonesia is a unitary . This slogan is used to describe the unity and integrity of the Nation and the Republic of Indonesia which consists of diverse culture , local language , race , ethnicity , religion and belief .

This sentence is a quotation from an Old Javanese kakawin is kakawin Sutasoma , MPU Tantular essay about Majapahit kingdom during the 14th century .

Kakawin is special because it teaches tolerance between Hindus Shiva with Buddhists .

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