The air is too hot today,you want your sister to open the window.
Would you like to open the window,please?

You forgot to bring your dictionary.You want to borrow it from your friend
Could you lend me your dictionary,please?

You want to watch a movie with your friend together
Would you mind watching film with me?

This chair is too heavy.You want your brother to help you
Could you help me to lift this chair?

makasih sebelumnya ya mba tpi itu tugas requestnya disuru buat pernyataanya baru request
ada kalimat yang lain lg ka mba alnya sebagian dari kalimat ini sudah di bahas
1.please get me the ball,please
2.please get me a pencil,please
3.please get my bag,please
4.please open the door,please
5.please open the closet,please
 semoga bermanfaat