Make good dialogues expressing feeling and attitude based on the following situations??

Hendra has a conversation with his mother in the evening. He tells her that he saw two black long plastic bags. He tought they were rubbish bags. When he came nearer, they were actually the corpse bags.



Mother: Good evening, Hendra
Hendra: Good evening, mom
Mother: Where have you been?
Hendra: I went to Ani's room to study together
Mother: Nice! Good boy..
Hendra: Umm...Mom, i have something to tell you
Mother: What is it?
Hendra: When on my way home, i saw a long and black plastic bag. I thought it's a rubbish bag. But when i came nearer the plastic bag, i smell a disgusting smell. So i open the plastic bag, and there's a corpse inside it! I was shocked, mom
Mother: Did you report it to the police?
Hendra: I have
Mother: Good boy, now  let's have dinner

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Mom: Welcome home darling! how was school?
hendra: well, if i have to be honest... not that good...
mom: what happen hendra? come, take a seat and lets talk about this.
hendra: okay mom...
mom: so, tell me exactly what happen
hendra: when i was riding home with my motorcycle, i saw 2 black long plastic bags. i actually thought they were rubbish bag but when i came near it, they were actually bags full of corpse. i was so shocked earlier.
mom: my my... did u call the police?
hendra: yes i did mom, the policeman said that i did the right thing to call the police
mom: now thats my boy! 
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