Jawaban paling cerdas!
Good morning.
the honorable,the headmaster of(name school) and his vice
the honorable the teachers and all of staff employees
and all my beloved friends

let's say thanks to God because of his mercy and blessings we can gather here.
I'm standing here to tell you about my speech,the title of my speech is the last meeting of the third grade of junior high school
Ladies and gentleman..
as we know that the third grade of junior high school will continue their education in to senior high school.we pray them,may they can reach what they dream.
Ladies and gentleman...
we are your junior class,please apologize us if we have some mistakes.there is a sentence that I want to say "if there is meeting ,surely there is a desperating".

that's all of my speech.
thanks for your attention.
good morning....

"good luck,FathinatuIH"