Rara: Hai shira,can i set beside you?
shira: of curse you can.
Rara: thanks,by the way what score you get in english exam just?
shira: ,i get one hundred score. how about you?
rara: oh it's not good,i get seventy score.
Shira: hm,don;t be so sad like that. it must be a reason why you get the score like that.
rara: yeah, do you know kika?
Shira:yes,i do
rara: she is the reason i get that bad score. She called me last night,and just talk about her new boyfriend.
Shira: and it makes you don;t have a time to study,right?
rara: yeah you're right. do you like her identical?
shira: not really,she just a big talker.
rara: yeah, um shira..
shira: yes?
rara: do you want to join me to the library?
shira: of course. let's go now!
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