Soba is a small town in my country,Sudan.It is 15 kilometres from Khartoum,The Capital of Sudan.The Nile River flows through Soa.That makes the green and beautiful.Most of the pople in Soba works as farmers or a fisherman.The Nile is very important in their lives.A small market in Soba sells food to the people who cannot go to the market in the capital.

In Soba,a small hospital and a pharmacy gives medicine to the people without money.About 50 percent of the people in Soba work in the hospital.The youth a place to meet every night except Friday.

Friday is a holy day in Soba,so the people go to the mosque,and they say their prays.The people in Soba love their town.They are very happy because Soba is crowded with beautiful things.


1.What is the text talking about?

2.What is the suitable title for the text?

3.What is the function of the text?

4.When is holy day in Soba?

5.Where is Soba located?



1. Soba
2. Soba Town
3. to describe Soba more specific 
4. On Friday
5. 15 kilometers from Khartoum, the capital of sudan (: