-simple present tenses
contohnya: He is handsome (dia tampan)
-Present Continuous Tenses
contohnya: she is cooking in the kitchen
-present perfect tenses
contohnya: they have met me?
- Present Perfect Continuous Tense
contohnya: They have been playing football
- Simple Past Tense
They were student last year
- Past Continuous Tense
we ware joking
- Past Perfect Tense
I had listen the radio when you come here


Present tense past tense past continous tense
1.simple present tenses.
ex :he is handsome
2.present continuous tense
ex : + ) she is cooking in the kichen
       -)  she is not cooking in the kichen
     ? )  is she cooking inthe kichen ?
3.present perfeck tense
ex :they have met you
4. present perfeck countinuous tense
ex :they have olaying volly ball
5.simple past tense
ex :the were studens last year