Birmigheld Street, 21

New York

May 1st,2013

Dear Richard,

I want to tell you about my school.My school is next to the post office.It is a big and a famous junior high school in my hometown.There are nine classes,a teacher room,a library,a toilete,a headmaster room,and three canteens.Each class has fifteen tables and thirty chairs.I love my school very much.Please write and tell me about your school.

Yout friend,



1.What is the letter talking about?

2.Where is his school located?

3.Is it a famous school?

4.How many rooms does it have?

5.How many tables does his school have?

1. about rendy's school
kok cuma 1 kan 5
2. next to the post office
3. yes is it
4. 13 rooms
5. fifteen tables
setauku itu jawabannya, maaf kalo ada yang salah hehe..
eh yang nomer 4. 16 rooms tadi aku gak liat ada kantinnya juga hehe


1. Rendy's school
2. Next to the post office
3. Yes
4. 16 rooms
5. 135 tables
1. Rendy's School
2. Next to the post office in Brimingheld, New York
3. Yes it is
4. 16 rooms
5. 135 tables