Cuman 307 kata sih, sisanya bisa kembangin dri cerita ya :)

last week i went to my bestfriend birhtday party, I been bestfriend with her since I was childhood. We spent our time together. i went to to her house  with my baby pink dress and wearing a flat baby pink shoes too and I fish tail my hair. my mom drove me to get to her house.
I was the first person came there, she wearing a navy dress and black flat shoes, she was really cute with it. she wa seems really happy when she saw me. she hugged me and then took me to the birhtday room. Not  for a while our other friends came too.
The party was fun at all,
after the party ends, i called my mom to pick me up but she had to go to out of town for business, and my mom won't let me alone at home, so I decided to sleepover at my bestfriend's house
My bestfriend really happy because we haven’t sleepover for a while,we slept together in her room. Her room was really clean, the wall was colored blue, blue was her favourite coluor. In her room she put our picture since we we’re kids till now. Before we go to bed we took a shower, and I wear her pajama and after that opened the presents. There are many kinds of present, such as shirt, hat, glass, dress and a CD of one Direction’s film  that she wanted so much, it was from me. She was really happy when she saw it. She hugged me, then we watched the film in her room and eating popcorn, I don’t really like one direction at all but she do, so I don’tmind to watched it even though I don’t really understand what was the movie about.
after that we went too sleep because its almost midnight

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