A. Anniversary B. Waist C. Newspaper D. Helped E. Hand F. Fashion

I have a vest. It is not an ordinary vest, because it is made of(1)......... I name it "newspaper". I wore it last year, for the school(2)........ At that time, I was a class representative for a(3)........show. My mother(4)........ me make it. It has collars and three buttons at the front. It is long, up to my(5)......... I put ribbons at the left and right to the waist, also made of newspaper, but colorful. I wore it on my T-shirt and I was third placed



1. Hand
2. Anniversary
3. Fashion
4. Helped
5. Waist
1. C.
2. A.
3. F.
4. D.
5. B.

Sorry kalo salah nomor 5 :\