# Traditional market
> Excess traditional markets
     Competition in the market is a natural
     Certain strategic locations
     Extensive sales area
     An affordable price
     The process of bargaining between buyers and sellers
     One of the levers of the economy among the middle class
> The weakness of traditional markets
     The location is less clean and dirty
     Less trustworthy goods sold are made ​​by unscrupulous sellers who are not responsible
     Barag packaging that sold less attract consumers who see it.
# Modern Markets
> The advantages of a modern market
     The place is comfortable spending
     Goods sold more guaranteed health
     More diversity of goods available
     Packaging consumer goods menarin attention than the traditional market of goods sold
     Offers a variety of payment
> Weakness modern market
     There is no practice of buying and selling in which the buyer can not bid the price of the goods sold.

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