A : How do you do ? B : I am played music A : can you help my play music ? B : yes, of course. A : thanks you B : you're welcome
Doni : "What are you doing mira?"
Mira : "I'm trying to play my recorder fastly"
Doni :"Ow, you great on playing recorder right?"
Mira : "almost yes,but I trying to play fastly because the music is fast"
Doni : "Ow, may you help me about keyboard?,im new student in music course"
Mira : "of course,what kind of difficulty about keyboard"
Doni:"where is the characteristic place of do?"
Mira : "its between 2 black key and its white key"
Doni :thankyou for you information"
Mira "youre welcome"
semoga membantu,klik jawaban terbaik yaa

terimakasih sobat ursea,..salam
eh kalo klik jawaban terbaik bisa nggak...,plis...