Kepala -> head (the top part of a body)
leher   -> neck (to connect the head and the body)
dada   -> breast
lengan -> arm (its a motoric part of a body)
kaki    -> leg   (its a motoric part of a body)
perut   -> stomach (a part where  digestive process are going)
jari      -> fingers    (the end of an arm)
Jawaban paling cerdas!
Kan ada lagunya: Head and shoulders knees and toes :D Lebih rinci nya
Atas:  Hair, ears, eyes, mouth, chin, cheek, neck
tengah: Shoulders, chest, stomach, hip, hands, fingers, palm 
Bawah: thigh, foot, palm
telinga=ear, fore head=kening,eyes=mata,cheek=pipi,face=wajah,,bahu=shoulder,kuku=nail,thumb=jempol,fore finger=jari telunjuk