Chair to sit. tables for writing. cabinets to put a book or file. markers to write on the board
you try to think of it it's just a question that you can answer for yourself, what's wrong with trying before you ask
I know...
Agree. I think naming all the things in classroom, with the functions too, is just too much to ask with that amount of points, coz there're like 50 things we can find in classroom, IMO (OwO
But, I've written down few things below. Hopefully It can help you ;) Cheers! d(OwO
You know what? If you know you're not going to ask
Whiteboard : a space for teacher to write down the things for the subject that he/she teach
Marker : equipment used to write in whiteboard 
Whiteboard eraser : to erase the markers' writing in the whiteboard 
(Err... I'm quite unsure about the last one lol)
Chair : A place for both, students and teacher, to sit
Desk : A place for both, students and teacher, to put the stationery, including books and textbooks, and a mat to write