A. Come True B. Generous C. Get Up
D. Sick E. Elementary school F. Work Hard

Ms. Een Sukaesih is my favorite figure. She is totally paralyzed, but high spirited.She always dreams to be a teacher.Althought she is(1).........,she doesn"t give up. She has her own way to make her dream(2)......., From her bed, she provides study guidance to children, especially(3).....,students, in her house. She does this because she cannot(4)......., from her bed. Another thing I like is that she is a(5)......., woman. She never asks for payment from her students, even though she likes distributing the things she has. She is really inspiring woman!



1.sick 2. come true 3. elementary school 4. get up 5. generous 6.
1) D. sick
2) A. come true
3) E. elementary school
4) C. get up
5) B. generous