A) event b) happy c) free d) on the way

e) public f) afraid g) go home h) interested

vira is phoning dea to invite her to go to the public
library together

vira: hello, dea are you 1) .....

Dea: hello, vira. Not really.
What’s up?

Vira : well, i would just like to
invite you to go to the 2) ..... library

Dea : it’s interesting, but i have
to wait until my mother comes home. She is 3)...... home from semarang now.
Vira : from semarang?
Dea : yes. She has just attended an
office 4) ...... in semarang
Vira : don’t you feel 5)......
being at home alone?
Dea : no

Vira : o.k. then, maybe i will
invite you another time . see you
Dea : see you

question a
1) what does avira invite dea to do ?
2) why does dea refuse ?
3) where is dea's mother ?
4) what has dea's mother attended
5) how does avira maintain the conversation ?



1. she invites dea to go to public library 2. because she waits her mother come from semarang 3. semarang 4.an office event there 5.
1. c
2. e
3. d
4. a
5. f

1) avira invites dea to go to a public library with her
2) because she has to wait until her mother comes home from her office's event
3) semarang/ at her office in semarang
4) an office event
5) by having a chat with dea

semoga membantu :D
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