Gea is trying to phone vivi, her classmate, but vivi’s phone
is out of reach. So, gea is phoning her residential telephone number.
Gea : good morning, may i meet vivi ?
aldi : good morning. well, vivi isn't at home now. who is it ?
Gea : this is gea. May i know when she will be home again ?

Aldi : maybe in a few minutes . she is just buying oil from
a nearby shop.
Gea : o.k i’ll phone her back again in a few minutes . by
the way, is that aldi ?
Aldi : yes

Gea : i heard that you won a singing contest at your school.

Aldi : thank you

Gea : well, then see you aldi

Aldi : see you


1) what is vivi doing ?
2) gea asks “ by the way, is that adi ?”. what does she

3) why does gea congratulation aldi ?

Jeny is washing her hands in a restaurant when tama comes

Tama : hi, jeny

Jeny : hi, tama. Are you with your familiy?

Tama: yes. What about you ?

Jeny : i’m with my sister, alya

Tama : by the way, do you usually have lunch here ?

Jeny :yeah. I’ma regular customer here. O.k i think my
sister is waiting for me. See you tama

Tama : see you, jeny


1) where does the conversation take place ?

2) who is it tama ?

3) who is alya ?

4) how does tama maintain the conversation
5) how does jeny end the conversation ?



Dialog1 :
1. buying oil from nearby shop
2. asking agreement
3. because Adi won a singing contest in his school
dialog2 :
1. at restaurant
2. Jenny's friend
3. Jenny's sister
4. by greeting Jenny
5. Jenny think that her sister is waiting for her
1 1 1
Jawaban paling cerdas!
1.Buying oil from nearby shop
2. She maintain the conversation
3. Because Aldi won a singging contest

1. in a restaurant
2. Tama is Jenny's friend
3. Alya is Jenny's sister
4. He maintain conversation with say "By the way, do you ussualy have lunch here?"
5. She end the conversation with say "Ok, I think my sister is waiting for me"

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